Investment Holding Company

We invest our own capital in companies where we believe our sector experience will improve performance.

Our approach

We invest in companies that we believe improve life of people and improve the world.

We invest for a long-term growth

We invest into a long term growth with no fixed time horizons. We invest our own capital this helps us to maintain long term positions during volatile periods in companies we invested in.

We engage personally with management teams

A lot of our projects we start as a green filed project investments therefore we know how to manage the companies. We like to know how our businesses work, we focus on the operational strategies of the companies we involved in.

Our investment

As businesspeople we invest in, buy and build companies in which we see good potential, good team work and possibility to improve their contribution to the society. We are trying to expand our activity and follow the growing opportunities in different segments of the markets and also in different countries.

We invest in the field which we have experience and can actively participate in the company management in order to improve their performance.

We have a successful sector management team and experienced advisors to assist us in choosing investment and management strategies.

Our investments

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